1.What is the degree awarded from this program?
Students who complete the doctoral thesis defense and final degree review will receive a degree diploma stating: This student has fulfilled the requirements of the Doctoral Program in [department name], [graduate school name] at Osaka University through completion of the Interdisciplinary Program for Biomedical Sciences, and is hereby awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in [field in which degree is awarded].
2.Is there a qualifying exam?
Yes, at the end of the second year, students will have to complete the Qualifying Examination, then, advance to the third year―to candidacy for the PhD degree. The Qualifying Examination includes an English oral presentation of the graduate research proposal.
3.Do I need to decide whether to pursue a master’s or a doctoral degree during the enrollment in IPBS?
No, because this program is a five-year integrated program, it is necessary to continue with our doctoral course.


1.Where can I obtain the application form?
You may download the application form and related documents from Admission on Recommendation.