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About IPBS

Timeline of Graduate Studies (5-year program)

  • Students complete the majority of their courses in the first two years of study. Particularly, in the first year, students will be enrolled in Basic Medical Sciences and Clinical Sciences (See Curriculum) and weekly English conversation classes.
  • At the end of the second year, students will complete the Qualifying Examination, then, advance to the third year - to candidacy for the PhD degree. The Qualifying Examination includes an English oral presentation of the graduate research proposal.
  • From the third year, the program focuses on research activity. After advancing to candidacy, each student will select and convene their Dissertation Committee which must include at least one non-Japanese faculty member.
  • The final defense examination should be taken at the end of the fifth year.

For more details, see the curriculum


Students who completed the final degree review will receive a degree diploma stating:
This student has fulfilled the requirements of the Doctoral Program in [department name], [graduate school name] at Osaka University through completion of the Interdisciplinary Program of Biomedical Sciences, and is hereby awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in [field in which degree is awarded].